Gaia Szames



Auræ ensemble was born from the various collaborations between the recorder player Mathilde Aigouy and the soprano Gaia Szames. Their projects span a range of musical epochs, delving into Renaissance polyphonies and Baroque cantatas. Their projects always seek to explore rarely performed repertoires while combining a historically informed approach and a search for simplicity embodied in the fluidity of air, foundation of their respective instruments.

Presently, their exploration unfolds on two fronts. Firstly, they immerse in vocal and instrumental compositions from Italy and France, featuring the recorder, voice and basso continuo. Simultaneously, they immerse themselves in the world of Renaissance polyphonic music, performed with a mixed consort including voices and diverse wind instruments such as the recorder, sackbut and dulcian.

Mathilde Aigouy, recorder 

Gaia Szames, voice

with the participation of

Maciej Skrzeczkowski, organ and harpsichord

Julia Dolz, baroque cello

Riccardo Casamichiela, organ and harpsichord

Manou Schreiner, theorbo

Adriana Mendez, viola da gamba

Yung-hsu Shih, sackbut