Gaia Szames



Polysemía is an ensemble created in 2022 by Gaia Szames, voice, together with with Alexander Baker, Adriana Méndez, Giuseppe Ciraso-Cali and Magdalena Kasprzyk-Dobija in the viola da gamba. 

Their main focus is the madrigal form and other polyphonic compositions such as motets, from the beginning until the culmination of this musical genre. Currently they’re focusing on the first composers during the Renaissance period starting with J. Arcadelt and following with C. de Rore. Their focus is on the text and the multiple layers that the poetry uses for the expression of meaning, the function of each voice and the musical development of each piece as world in itself. 

Thanks to the versatility of this formation they can work on madrigals for 3, 4 and 5 voices with voice, solo instrumental, and making use of diminutions based on the technique of this period. This gives the possibility to discover the different compositional techniques and how each composer decides to make use of different settings of voices.

During 2022 and 2023 Polysemía has been giving mainly private concerts in intimate locations where they can in addition to playing the music, read the poetry and deliver the message properly to the audience. The intimacy for which this music was composed is valued and they want to make it a special moment to listen to the details and be close enough to understand the poetry.

In 2023 and 2024 they’ve been invited to Festivals and concerts in venues around Netherlands where they’ll share programs carefully selected of compositions by J. Arcadelt and C. De Rore.